Dr. Ursula Feindor-Schmidt, LL.M.


Rechtsanwältin (lawyer), speaker
Fachanwältin für Urheber- und Medienrecht (specialised lawyer for copyright law and media law)

Dr. Ursula Feindor-Schmidt, LL.M. studied law in Germany and Great Britain. She has a doctorate and master degree in IP law and a specialised lawyers degree for copyright and media law. She is consulting national and international clients with regard to their digital strategies and is entrusted with high level test cases on platform liability and copyright compliance. She regularly handles all related IP matters in M&A transactions. She is also specializing in the developing field of artificial intelligence, deploying AI for legal tech and AI regulation. She is a regular lecturer and expert speaker at national and international events, eg for Akademie der deutschen Medien, International Publishers Association, Fordham IP Conference or the AI conference ‘RiseOfAI’.






Fitting Platforms into a new liability system – The results of the CJEU YouTube/Uploaded Case, Article 17 DSM/UrhDaG and the DSA

23. May 2022

We are currently witnessing fundamental changes in Europe regarding the liability and the obligations of platforms for copyright infringements resulting from various parallel developments. 1. the European Court of Justice decision on the YouTube/Uploaded cases on 22nd June 2021 (C-682/18 and C-683/18); 2. national (here: German) legislation implementing Article 17 DSM-Directive (DIRECTIVE (EU) 2019/790), which… read more