New rules for digital content distribution on online content sharing services in Europe – rightholders, watch out!

4. February 2021

2021 will bring significant change for rightholders and online platforms alike. New regulation is on the horizon, especially for the so-called online content sharing service providers (so called ‘OCSSPs’), i.e. online platforms providing access to content that has been uploaded by the services’ users, such as YouTube, Reddit, TikTok, Scribd, ResearchGate, etc. A history of… read more

Academic publication regarding “The destruction of copyright” in the Journal of Intellectual Property Law and Practice

19. January 2021

Today, many internet services rely on material freely provided by their users as the main source of content offered on their services. In many cases, these platforms have become a primary location where that content is consumed, and they directly compete with ‘established’ content providers such as Spotify, Netflix and others. A major difference between the… read more

Twitter, Facebook and the Rule of Law – How Justified are Fears of Censorship in Germany and the United States?

19. January 2021

After outgoing President Donald Trump has been banned from numerous social networks, especially his favorite megaphone Twitter, many are wondering if the same could happen to them. German Chancellor Angela Merkel finds the permanent blocking problematic. The far right cries out that private companies would now be allowed to abolish free speech. But how justified… read more

Recommendations from the European Data Protection Board: a silver lining for data exporters?

23. November 2020

The European Data Protection Board (“EDPB”) is an official entity established by the European Union to monitor and ensure the consistent application of the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR)” throughout the EU. Its existence and mission are rooted in Art. 68 et seq. GDPR. Within this function, the EDPB regularly issues opinions, guidelines, and recommendations… read more

“brand eins”: LAUSEN Rechtsanwälte among the best commercial law firms in Germany

22. May 2020

In a recent survey, LAUSEN Rechtsanwälte was graded “four star”, i.e. top tier in the category “media/press” and is named among Germany’s leading media law firms. Well-known and highly respected independent business magazine brand eins polled more than 2600 attorneys and in-house counsels throughout Germany, asking which law firms they would recommend personally. If you’re… read more