“brand eins”: LAUSEN Rechtsanwälte among the best commercial law firms in Germany

by on 22. May 2020

In a recent survey, LAUSEN Rechtsanwälte was graded “four star”, i.e. top tier in the category “media/press” and is named among Germany’s leading media law firms.

Well-known and highly respected independent business magazine brand eins polled more than 2600 attorneys and in-house counsels throughout Germany, asking which law firms they would recommend personally. If you’re interested in the design and the methodology of the survey and its evaluation, you may find more information here.

The survey resulted in a “Map of the Best”, sorted by legal fields, which you may find here.

We have to admit: being named among the best by fellow professionals makes us proud! A big thank you to everyone who expressed their trust in us and our work in this way.