The Media World

The media world is multi-coloured and the possibilities for intellectual creations are endless. Whether in the form of texts, images, films, photographs, design, art, music or software, whether in books, games, on stage, TV or on the internet: Intellectual creations inspire, entertain, educate, teach and inform. They are the central elements of all media.

At the heart of it all are know-how, intellectual work, knowledge, innovation, creativity and originality. The acquisition of rights to intellectual content, their protection as well as safe exploitation and licensing therefore constitute an indispensable component and the basis of your business operations.

We specialise in all legal areas which are relevant for the media world: from copyright and media law, via trademark and data protection law to company, labour and social security law. We are well acquainted with the latest economic and technical developments in your industry – the fundamental requirement for comprehensive and competent consultancy services.