Increased security – an easy game

The organisational and financial expenses for the production of a computer or video game more and more frequently exceed the expenses required for a major Hollywood movie. Legal consultancy is accordingly complex, for instance relating to contracts with the numerous parties involved in the development of a game (script author, artist, producer, programmer, etc.), terms and conditions of use (EULA) or contracts with publishers or online marketing platforms.

We will assist you during the design and negotiation of all contracts which are relevant for the development, production, exploitation and marketing of games, and will provide legal advice from the idea through to the sale of the finished product.

From our practical work:

  • Representation and consultancy services for a manufacturer of triple A games during legal disputes on account of the usage rights to services of various persons involved in the production of the games, as well as on account of alleged infringements upon third-party rights (copyrights, design patents, trademarks).
  • Legal action against the operator of an internet site offering illegal access authorisations for an online game, in particular under aspects of trademark law and competition law.
  • Examination of international sales contracts as to whether so-called generic assets may be used freely in other games.

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