Skilful marketing of licenses

Few lawyers specialise in marketing. We have detailed industry knowledge and proximity in this area. Starting from strategic advice on the design of a topic with regard to its subsequent exploitability, to the registration and defence of the corresponding domestic and international trademarks, the preparation and negotiation of international licensing and agency agreements, we will support you, with an eye on the practical implementation of a 360 degree exploitation and marketing.

In the event of disputes with licensing partners, we will show you constructive possibilities for out-of-court solutions and will, if necessary, enforce your rights before the courts in a targeted and consistent manner.

We will be at your side in the defence of your rights against imitators, and also if tax audits are necessary, for instance if conspicuous issues arise in connection with royalty statements.

From our practical work:

  • Strategic advice during the planning and implementation of a licensing programme for an international TV series. Negotiation of agency agreements, preparation of templates for the issue of licences, advice regarding rights management.
  • Defence of various trademarks against objections and deletion lawsuits.
  • Consultancy services for a group of publishers regarding diversification into merchandising; negotiations with film producers and the agency regarding the joint exploitation of merchandising rights.
  • Obtaining an interim injunction against the illegal use of a trademark, including request for information in order to be able to calculate the damages.

Your contacts:
Dr. Ursula Feindor-Schmidt, LL.M.,
Dr. Tim Kraft,