Be on the legally safe side!

Personal rights, authors’ royalties, retail price management and advertising sales representatives – newspaper and magazine publishers face legal questions in a variety of areas. Lawful publications are only possible in awareness of your rights and obligations.

We provide comprehensive support: Starting from the design of your contracts with your permanent editors, your free-lance staff and photographers, via pricing for the newsstand, for subscriptions and for special campaigns, up to the enforcement and defence in-court and out-of-court of your rights under the freedom of the press in disputes relating to the right to free speech. Our high level of specialisation and our years of experience ensure that you will be legally on the safe side.

From our practical work:

  • Consultancy and representation services in a litigation test case before a press chamber regarding the right to free speech, where the issue in dispute is the ability to identify the claimant without stating his name, position or company.
  • Consultancy and representation services in various test cases regarding the admissibility of certain clauses (such as lump-sum remuneration, granting of exclusive rights of usage) in the agreements on royalties and rights of usage between newspaper publishers and their free-lance authors.
  • Consultancy services and contract design regarding issues of retail price management in (cross-border) sales of magazines at newsstands, under subscription and during special campaigns.

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Dr. Martin Schippan,
Dr. Thomas Glückstein,
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