The net has no aerial – so what now?

As the co-authors of the fundamental textbook “Rundfunkrecht” (broadcasting law), we address the entire spectrum of broadcasting law – not only from the practical, but also from the theoretical point of view. In this context, we deal with radio and TV stations, public and private, irrespective of the distribution channels, including web offers. Regulatory issues play a very important role in this context, as do the rules governing the feeding of signals into the cable network, the classification of freelancers under labour law, or the relevance of editorial articles under aspects of personal law. All consultancy services from one source – this ensures the required legal security, without frictional losses.

From our practical work:

  • Expert assessment of the nature and extent of the audit courts’ financial control regarding the holding companies of the public broadcasting companies.
  • Consultancy services for a film production regarding the contractual structuring of product placement in a TV production.
  • Consultancy services and representation before the courts during disputes regarding admission/refusal of admission under the Bayerische Mediengesetz (Bavarian media act).

Your contacts:

Dr. Matthias Lausen,
Dr. Richard Hahn,
Dr. Thomas Glückstein,
Dr. Tim Kraft,