Test the limits – with legal safeguards

In social media law, we assist you from the planning and legally safe design of national and international social media campaigns, to the enforcement of your rights in the event of infringements in social networks, and to the preparation of social media guidelines. With in-house workshops tailored to the specific requirements of your company, we prepare your staff for the challenges of web 2.0.

Detailed knowledge and long-standing experience from marketing practice ensure that we understand you in your capacity as entrepreneurs. We will not show you all the things you are not allowed to do, but will rather help you to reach your objectives, with a correct assessment of the associated risks.

From our practical work:

  • Representation and consultancy services for a major German newspaper against a leading social network as the operator of a platform; notification, warning letter procedure and settlement negotiations on account of third-party infringements in the social network.
  • Preparation of social media guidelines for various domestic and international companies.
  • Consultancy services for a large German city with regard to the maintenance of its social media channels, for instance in connection with infringing third-party statements.
  • Consultancy services for a major advertising agency regarding the legally safe implementation of Facebook prize competitions.

Your contacts:
Bernhard Buchner, buchner@lausen.com
Dr. Richard Hahn, hahn@lausen.com
Dr. Tim Kraft, kraft@lausen.com