Make your presence felt – without attracting negative attention

Advertising has many facets. From targeted direct marketing campaigns and activities in social media networks, sponsoring and product placement, to classic adverts and spots. The legal aspects which have to be taken into account in the area of advertising are just as diverse. In addition to issues relating to unfair competition, challenges related to image rights, music rights, trademarks and personal rights, and, in particular, topics connected with data protection play an important role.

We will assist you with our cross-sector experience in your strategic planning and in the implementation of your advertising presence, during negotiations with cooperation partners, the proper collection of address data as well as their acquisition and sale.

From our practical work:

  • Comprehensive consultancy services for a magazine publisher in the context of data protection law: Implementation of the revised Data Protection Act 2009 on the utilisation of personal data for advertising, including the compilation of guidelines; assessment of consent forms and updating of  privacy statements; in-house training for staff on the handling of address data and online data protection.
  • Representation before the courts of a newspaper publisher after a warning letter was issued by a consumer advice centre on account of the forms used for trial subscriptions, accompanied by the drafting of new texts for the consent to commercial communication and instructions on withdrawal.
  • Consultation services for a major advertising agency in the context of international prize competition campaigns.
  • Full-service consultancy of a social media advertising campaign with prize competition, videos, music and casting; consultancy services during the compilation of the concept and during the implementation of the campaign, as well as preparation and negotiation of all contracts.

Your contacts:
Dr. Kerstin Bäcker,
Frank Michael Höfinger,
Marco Erler,
Dr. Tim Kraft,