Kim-Laura Linnenberg

Rechtsanwältin (lawyer)


Since joining Lausen Rechtsanwälte in 2017, Kim-Laura Linnenberg has been advising clients on copyright, media law, and design law.

Her clients include leading German and international corporations within the audio, film, and television space.

In addition to providing legal advice on developing, producing, and licensing fictional and non-fictional content, Kim-Laura Linnenberg advises clients across all industries on design law issues such as design protection, exploitation, and enforcement of intellectual property rights as well as new technologies including AI.

Kim-Laura Linnenberg studied law at the University of Münster. During her legal traineeship in Cologne, Kim-Laura Linnenberg worked for the German major broadcaster RTL Media Group, Bühnen Köln (local theatre, opera, and dance) as well as for several law firms focusing on media law.