Be heard and create understanding

The ground is prepared in Berlin and Brussels. The prerequisites for a future-oriented legislation and precise legal reforms are expertise, industry knowledge and far-sightedness with regard to the relevant technical, commercial and social developments.

In this context, good lobbying is anything but subjective, one-sided or distorting. The objective must be to explain to society and in particular to the decision makers what the issue is about – for instance the phenomenon of piracy, or with regard to the problems connected with the liability privilege on the internet. It is necessary to provide facts, to explain technical features, to question political positions, to identify legal weaknesses and to offer constructive solution approaches.

We prepare highly qualified information in a manner which allows decision makers to understand them and to use them as a basis for their decisions. Whether by preparing expert statements or during personal discussions with representatives of the federal states, the German government or the EU: We will support you in the cross-sector consolidation of your interests, and help you make yourself heard – at the right time and in the right place.