Your project in good hands

As lawyers, we are not restricted to legal consultancy and litigation, but rather are often involved intensively in major projects carried out by our clients. Typical cases are supporting a film production, from the acquisition of the rights and the funding to the exploitation of a film or the clearing of all musical rights for the audio-visual exploitation of an event. The know-how obtained during the management of complex projects is also applied in other areas.

We are often involved in projects in a central capacity, for instance in negotiations with contracting partners, in the coordination of various contacts in the client’s company, or in the collection of required information. This allows us to give you valuable support starting with the planning phase, and to assume responsibility for managing the project, i.e. defining milestones and monitoring their achievement, thus always maintaining an overview for you.

From our practical work:

  • Handling the elimination of legals risks of an international advertising campaign with prize competitions in several European countries: Selection of suitable lawyers in the respective country, negotiation of fees, wording of the evaluation programmes for standard terms and conditions and the law governing prize competitions, analysis of responses, defining the need of adjustments for the client.
  • Examination, updating and restructuring of existing sample contracts for an audio book sales platform: Standardisation of wording, incorporation of clarifications and new aspects into other sample contracts, standardisation of the provisions regarding the grant of rights, modular design of sample contracts for various types of subject-matter and licensors, proactive wording of alternatives for certain provisions for negotiations with contracting partners.